Sunday, October 02, 2005

April Vaginal Cumshots

April, what a little hot cuttie, my boy met this 18 year old little hottie at a Concert, I guess they got to talking and he offered her a chance to come in and audtition with us.So friendly, so young and so innocent, when we asked her how far she would go, she said all the way, when I asked her where she wanted the cum, she said on her face, chest, anywhere, as long as we did the "Kamikaze Pullout", she said thats where her Daddy calls it (kinda cute, and sick), needless to say, sorry April welcome to the business and thanks for the great cream pie. SEE HER VIDEO


Vaginal Cumshot

Riding bareback is something guys typically get to do only with their girlfriends while they’re on the pill. You can blow a load in her cunt and roll over and go to sleep, without having to worry about forgetting to peel off a condom and dying from dick suffocation in the middle of the night.

Skin-to-skin action is still par for the course in a good deal of the porn world, but when it comes to the money-shot most producers glorify the facial, favouring it over the vaginal cumshot.

Vaginal Cumshots